kalynn_osburn (kalynn_osburn) wrote in chickswithsword,

Gamerz-One Game to Rule Them All

Okay, if anyone can get their hands on this video, WATCH IT! It's perfect for any RPG or LARPing fanatics out there.

The story is set in Scotland, where a young misfit just starting his first year in collage joins a gaming group (tabletop) and quickly rises as master. The players include a rule wise sissy, a drunk heavy metal man, and a goth girl who thinks she's an elf. ((Needless to say, our geeky youth falls head over heels for her))  They start the game...

But trouble brews when an old 'friend' from our main characters hood wants to join in. He watched a Lord of the Rings triple bill while on pot and had kind of a religiouse experiance. He wants in and threatens the geek for a chance at RPG glory. Things really take a turn for the worse, when a spark grows between elf girl and the youths old neighborhood nemisis.

Good, collage grade dork angsty fun for all. Might need to be watched with subtitles since the accents are so thick out can barely make it out. But still, well worth the $3.00 rental fee.
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funny movie, found it in the shadowy nether realms of blockbuster... didn't think the accents were that thick... favorite character would have to be the guy who constantly drinks and speaks via burping