Resident of Spring Street (pknight) wrote in chickswithsword,
Resident of Spring Street

Mod question!

Okay everyone. The music mix is almost ready. musesrealm has been kind enough to volunteer to host the mix at her site, MusesRealm.Net.

I just have a quick question about what you all would prefer. My default proposition is to load the entire mix as a .zip file with all the music and art within it. However, I acknowledge the possibility that some people may not like some of the music, so I was wondering if you all would like me to upload the songs individually? If I did that, it would only be to yousendit, so they'd only be available for a week (or 100 downloads).

Wow... we really need to get some activity going here, don't we? Anyone have any suggestions?
Tags: mod post, music
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