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Swords and Flintlocks and Magic, Oh MY!

Shameless plug time!!

Meridian Fest is a combination of Live Action game and Renaissance Faire, going all the way from traditional high fantasy to historical to western to steampunk to golden era piracy.

How, you ask? Why, you ask?

Two continents, seperated by time, geographic barriers, and cultures, meet for the first time in the town of Highpoint. All races, all creeds intermingle in this border town hosting a festival to celebrate the opening of the gates between the two.

Using safe boffer weapons, simple combat rules *1 hit - 1 point damage unless otherwise noted*, simple magic and theft rules...

Why this isn't like the SCA -
Fantasy! You can be an orc swordswoman or a fae or an animal race. You can cast spells! You can wear pants if you're a woman!
Northern Culture - Part Wild West, Part Steampunk, Part Golden Era piracy. You can still carry a sword, but you can add flintlocks now!

Why this isn't like a Ren Faire -
There will be no people wandering about in blue-jeans carrying a plastic cup of beer oggling the breasts in bodices.
Everyone will be their character.
Combat in the streets!

Why this isn't like a normal LARP game -
Orcs aren't monsters. They're just another race. You see one in the streets and you don't instantly kill it. Unless you're a racist, that is. ;)
It's set in a town. A real village, with buildings! A real tavern, with booze.
There will be vendors! You can shop.
You can be a non-combatant. Not into fighting (Yeah right, not this group!) but want to just play and look hot in an exotic outfit? Sure, go ahead. :)
And unlike some games, conflict resolution isn't done with rock-papper-scissors. Your sword must make contact with your foe in order to do damage. Combat goes real time.

Want to wear something fancy that you can't get away with at a Faire or SCA event? Go ahead! Want to wear your faire clothes but do elaborate non-human makeup? Please do!

This 4 day event will have camping, restaurants, vendors, entertainers, a storyline, action, adventure... lots of fun for all.

Check it out and make plans to join us on Labor Day of September, in Corona California. Out of state? Don't worry - lots of people will be coming over from various states and countries to play!

It should be a lot of fun.
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