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Deadliest Warrior -- Chicks version!

I've been addicted to Deadliest Warrior on Spike. The problem being, it's on Spike. So there is a distinct lack of kick-ass females. Given that this is partly because female warriors were ignored and belittled.

So, which awesome female warriors (fictional and non-) would you guys like to see in Deadliest Warrior?

For myself the history geek, I'd like to put forward Boudica vs. Mulan. Both leaders, both kick-ass chicks. But who would win?

Suggestions? Comments? Guesses on who would win?
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Mod Post! 2009!

Okay, so I probably should've made this post in January, but we all know I'm kind of a lackluster mod.

Anyhoo, moving on.

I have an Announcement, and then an idea for the comm.


Sirens - October 1-4 2009, Vail, CO
Sirens is a conference about women in fantasy."The conference, both scholarly examination and professional retreat, welcomes academics, authors, professionals, and readers to attend—and provide varying perspectives on fantasy books by women, female characters in fantasy works, the market for fantasy by and about women, and how to support women in fantasy literature."

And the big draw for me, personally here is that Tamora Pierce is going to be the guest of honor for this inaugural year.

I think it would be insanely fun to go, and am juggling my finances to see if it's possible. Details on the website, but if we act now, it sounds like a pretty good deal.


Okay, now idea!

Since this has been a mostly-inactive community, I think we should try to get some content generated.

So, I'm going to try to come up with discussion/essay-ish topics, and see if those get something going. Informal, no length requirements or anything like that, but just something to get us all thinking/active.

So, the topic for February. In honor of African-American History month, let's stir up some diversity.

Chicks of Color With Swords/Who Kick Ass

AKA: Enough of those white chicks! Let's hear about your favorite examples of non-white Chicks With Swords and/or Chicks Who Kick Ass.

My answer: Mulan and Teyla are tiedCollapse )

Historic Fencing Seminar - Thibault

Destreza – The True Art and Science of the Rapier
A weekend of study on the Theory and
Practice of fencing according to the work of
Gerard Thibault d’Anvers 1628

Instruction by Matthew Howden,
Jeff Richardson and John Michael Greer
December 20th and 21st 2008
Phoenix, Oregon Grange Hall

The seminar will include two days of hands on instruction with the sword under the instruction of Matthew Howden assisted by Jeff Richardson and a lecture by translator and researcher John Michael Greer.

Saturday we will explore the fundamental principles and practical theory of Thibault’s system of fencing. In the evening Mr. Greer will provide a lecture on the history and philosophy of the style.

Sunday will explore combative theory and application of the system.

The Seminar will be held in Phoenix Oregon. Phoenix is located in Southern Oregon between Medford and Ashland.

Class size is limited. Cost $50.00 per person.
Contact Jeff Richardson for details or registration forms at
jeffery at mind.net

The Teachers:
Matthew Howden has been studying the rapier since the mid 1990’s and has been studying the works of Gerard Thibault for the past 9 years. Originally beginning his teaching career at the club in Ashland Oregon Matthew is a member of the Tattershall School of Defence and a senior instructor at Academia Duellatoria teaching at the studio in Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Richardson started his fencing career under Olympic Coach Michael D’Asaro in the late 80’s and receive his black belt in American Open Style Karate from Jerry Piddington in the mid 90’s. He has been studying the rapier since the early 90’s and is a senior instructor at Academia Duellatoria in Portland. Jeff currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Association of Historical Fencing.
Jeff and Matthew have been researching Destreza and Thibault for many years and have consulted with Mr. Greer on the translation project. They have furthered the research of Destreza in several
capacities including hosting the first seminars on the subject on the West Coast starting in 2001 and by providing the still images for the instructional video “La Verdadera Destreza, The True Art and Skill of Spanish Swordsmanship” featuring Anthony Delongis and the Maestro’s Martinez.

John Michael Greer is a widely published author on esoteric traditions - published by Llewellyn books, Weiser or under his own company Fir Mountain Press. He is also the translator of several esoteric texts. He’s been a student and practitioner of geomancy and sacred geometry for more than
twenty years, and is fluent in Latin and medieval French. Greer has studied geomantic texts and the art of memory from the Middle ages and Renaissance. He’s a former member of the Golden Dawn, a Mason and is the head of the Ancient
Order of Druids in America. Mr. Greer is responsible for the translation of Gerard
Thibault’s book on the Mysterious Circle. After a ten year long process this translation was published by Chivalry Bookshelf in 2006 and recieved a book launching party at Barrnes and Noble in conjunction with a demonstration and lecture in combination with Academia Duellatoria.
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Bad mod profusely apologizes...

I'm so sorry you guys. I'm such a bad mod. I haven't done anything with this in forever.

So, 'tis the season for Ren Faires and other fun blade-laden events. Stories are welcome, pictures are awesome, and first-hand accounts are fabulous. I myself am going to the Colorado Ren Faire tomorrow, so I'll hopefully be getting lots of pictures and maybe even a nice blade if I can scrape the money together...


In other news, I've not been watching the newer movies much. I'm sure there are new movies to add to the list in the profile of awesome Chicks With Swords. Let me know if there's any worthy of joining the list!


I'm finally making an effort to put back together the Chicks With Sword music mix.

But I'm debating doing two: one for "mainstream" music (larger distributions/soundtracks, that sort of thing) and one for filk/folk music featuring CWS. Opinions? If I added filk, I'd have way too many good ones to choose from.
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Quests at the Ren Faire!

The Southern California Renaissance Faire is ongoing right now, it's in Irwindale at the 210/605 freeways.

Cool swords, clothes, and other trinkets are for sale. There's some great new leatherworkers out this year too.

More importantly, I'm running a live action Quest adventure. Yes, Wow and Everquest gaming can be done, live, at Faire.

Want more info? Live in SoCal and want to come play?

Let me know!

advice for the uneducated in AZ

i'm in arizona and pawing through sites trying to decide where to begin my martial arts training.

i'm looking for dojo recommendations in phoenix. i'll be living in the biltmore area within about a month and i work in north scottsdale for the time being, so anything in or around or between those areas would be great. i'd prefer a place where teens are separated from adults, since i'm in my early 30s.

as for which art to practice, i've been looking mostly at shaolin kung fu and shotokan karate, but i'm open to suggestion. everyone i know is into kickboxing at this point and in addition to my wickedly independent, anti-joiner personality, i want to do something traditional, something serious and balanced with deep history behind it.

goals: weight loss, agility, speed, balance, strength, concentration, discipline. i'm not afraid to get banged up and frankly - i'd like to kick a little ass. ;o) i definitely want to get into weapons too, but i was thinking i should start with hand to hand first.

just poking around for advice...

Gamerz-One Game to Rule Them All

Okay, if anyone can get their hands on this video, WATCH IT! It's perfect for any RPG or LARPing fanatics out there.

The story is set in Scotland, where a young misfit just starting his first year in collage joins a gaming group (tabletop) and quickly rises as master. The players include a rule wise sissy, a drunk heavy metal man, and a goth girl who thinks she's an elf. ((Needless to say, our geeky youth falls head over heels for her))  They start the game...

But trouble brews when an old 'friend' from our main characters hood wants to join in. He watched a Lord of the Rings triple bill while on pot and had kind of a religiouse experiance. He wants in and threatens the geek for a chance at RPG glory. Things really take a turn for the worse, when a spark grows between elf girl and the youths old neighborhood nemisis.

Good, collage grade dork angsty fun for all. Might need to be watched with subtitles since the accents are so thick out can barely make it out. But still, well worth the $3.00 rental fee.