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Bad mod profusely apologizes...

I'm so sorry you guys. I'm such a bad mod. I haven't done anything with this in forever.

So, 'tis the season for Ren Faires and other fun blade-laden events. Stories are welcome, pictures are awesome, and first-hand accounts are fabulous. I myself am going to the Colorado Ren Faire tomorrow, so I'll hopefully be getting lots of pictures and maybe even a nice blade if I can scrape the money together...


In other news, I've not been watching the newer movies much. I'm sure there are new movies to add to the list in the profile of awesome Chicks With Swords. Let me know if there's any worthy of joining the list!


I'm finally making an effort to put back together the Chicks With Sword music mix.

But I'm debating doing two: one for "mainstream" music (larger distributions/soundtracks, that sort of thing) and one for filk/folk music featuring CWS. Opinions? If I added filk, I'd have way too many good ones to choose from.
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