the salacious crumpet (kissthecrumpet) wrote in chickswithsword,
the salacious crumpet

advice for the uneducated in AZ

i'm in arizona and pawing through sites trying to decide where to begin my martial arts training.

i'm looking for dojo recommendations in phoenix. i'll be living in the biltmore area within about a month and i work in north scottsdale for the time being, so anything in or around or between those areas would be great. i'd prefer a place where teens are separated from adults, since i'm in my early 30s.

as for which art to practice, i've been looking mostly at shaolin kung fu and shotokan karate, but i'm open to suggestion. everyone i know is into kickboxing at this point and in addition to my wickedly independent, anti-joiner personality, i want to do something traditional, something serious and balanced with deep history behind it.

goals: weight loss, agility, speed, balance, strength, concentration, discipline. i'm not afraid to get banged up and frankly - i'd like to kick a little ass. ;o) i definitely want to get into weapons too, but i was thinking i should start with hand to hand first.

just poking around for advice...
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