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Mod Post and Attn: Colorado Residents! (there are a couple, anyway, right?)

Firstly, this weekend (June 1-3) in Greeley, CO there is the Colorado Medieval Festival. There is a women's combat group that is doing at least one demonstration every day (schedule), so if you can make it, come on down!

I and at least one friend are headed down on probably Saturday. I'm hoping to be able to take some movies/pictures, as well as get an interview with some of the women in the Women on the Edge Combat troupe, which I will then post here.

Also, if anyone is interested in meet-ups at various ren faires around the country, now's the time to talk about it!


Secondly, I have updated the info page with some more links, and changed the music link for the song Chicks With Swords.


Thirdly, I think we should get some activity in this group. I have a little more brain-space to devote to this (*knock wood*) now that I'm done with school.

So, I'm taking suggestions for polls, discussion topics, and the like. I'll be posting the first one hopefully today, unless I get distracted by something shiny.
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